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Are you tired of dead end health care roads and not receiving what your body needs? If so, check out Botanical Medicine Movement, the complete A to Z blueprint for identifying and connecting with wild herbs across the globe. 

I'm April Punsalan

My main goal in life is to reconnect you to wild herbs; to restore the sacred co-evolved relationship between humans and plants.  Through this restoration, I know that you will protect these wild herbs and they will protect you! 



"April opened up my eyes to a whole other dimension of plants, and of living. My respect and love for plants has deepened and evolved. This is the beginning of something great in my life! I'm so grateful for this class.


- Stephanie Palmer

"Thanks to April, I know most wild herbs when I go on a nature walk and have reformulated all of my herbal products to include free wild herbs that I forage myself."


- Athena Herder

"Before taking this class I never imagined that the tree or the bush that I used to pass by without a thought could help cure a cold, relieve sinus pressure or help with digestive issues. Now I appreciate plants and my connection to the natural world in a whole new way. In addition, the process of medicine-making has opened up a wonderful avenue of creativity and study for me.

- Amanda Odom

Learn the 6 Ways Aloe Vera Can Improve Your Health!

Aloe vera is truly an herb that can keep the doctor away.  Learn how I incorporate this herb into my weekly diet to keep all my body systems healthy!

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My main goal is to keep you healthy through the connection with wild herbs.  

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