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Who Needs Nettles When You Have Mulberry Leaves!!!

Apr 18, 2021

You may be thinking I am crazy, but Mulberry leaves are LOADED with minerals and vitamins!  It is called the anti-aging tea for a reason-containing Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, D, E, and Folic Acid.   I cover this herb because it is WIDELY abundant and you can go harvest some right NOW! Another awesome thing about mulberry is it easy to identify.  You do not have to be a botanist to find this herb.  

Look for a small tree with serrated leaves that are heart-shaped at the base.  Also, look for a tree that has a variable leaf shape.  Sometimes you can find up to three different leaf shapes on a mulberry tree.  If you can't confidently identify this species based on the leaves, wait for it to fruit in May-June.  The fruit is a superfood -loaded with antioxidants.  Also, the fruit is considered a laxative.


I LOVE mulberry tea!  It is the best way to easily boost your health daily.  Drinking mulberry tea is like taking a multivitamin.  I wasn't surprised when I smelled the dried mulberry leaves and instantly thought of nettles.  Both of these species smell similar when dried.  Don't get me wrong-Nettles are loaded with vitamins and minerals! I just want you to know that you can easily forage mulberry leaves as a nettle alternative.

Another cool tidbit about Mulberry is that it is considered a cure for hangovers in Japan.  So if you find yourself feeling lousy after a fun night-go forage mulberry.  If you want to learn more about this amazing herb, check out our very affordable online course -Forage Now.  We cover this species in-depth.


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